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Oriental Rug Bibliography

These are more recent books (i.e., books likely to be in print and available for less than the cost of an antique Bijar) that we own and have found useful.

  • A good place to look for new books online is amazon.com.
  • Our favorite US bookstore is Powell's, in Portland, OR, another source for books online.

General handbooks:

The Macmillan Atlas of Rugs & Carpets
ed. by David Black
Macmillan Publishing Co., New York 1985
ISBN 0-0 2-5 11 20-5
The Bulfinch Guide to Carpets
Enza Milanesi trans. by Jay Hyams
Little, Brown & Co., Boston 1992
ISBN 0-8212-2057-8
Oriental Rugs, A Comprehensive Guide
Murray L. Eiland
Little, Brown & Co., Boston 1981
The Oriental Rug Lexicon
Peter F. Stone
University of Washington Press, Seattle 1997
ISBN 0295975733

Books on more specialized subjects:

An Introduction to Kurdish Rugs and Other Weavings
William Eagleton
Scorpion Publishing, Ltd, London 1988
ISBN 0-905906-50-0
Tribal Rugs
James Opie
The Tolstoy Press, Portland, OR 1992
ISBN 0-9633-6890-7
Nomads of Luristan
Inge Demant Mortenson
Thames & Hudson, New York 1993
ISBN 0500015724
Kilim, The Complete Guide
Alastair Hull and José Luczyc-Wyhowska
Chronicle Books, New York 1993
ISBN 0-8118-0359-7
Carpets from China, Xinjiang & Tibet
Lennart Larsson, Jr.
Bamboo Publishing, Ltd., London 1988
ISBN 870076-01-X
Tibetan Rugs
Hallvard Käre Kuløy
White Orchid Press, Bankok 1982
ISBN 974-87356-1-3
Arts & Crafts Carpets
Malcomm Haslam
Rizzoli International Publications, New York 1991
ISBN 0-8478-1388-6
Navajo Textiles from the William Randolph Hearst Collection
Nancy J. Bloomberg
University of Arizona Press, Tucson 1988
ISBN 0-8165-1078-4
Oriental Rug Repair
Peter F. Stone
Greenleaf Company, Chicago 1981
ISBN 0-940582-00-7

Sources for out-of-print rug books:

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